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  • Welcome module + Module 4: Videos | Interviews | Extras (4 Video Lessons) + Module 5: Feedback & Submission Prep (3 Video Lessons)

  • 3-Step Video Outline

  • Interview Resources + Bonus Tip

  • The Ultimate Grad School Application Checklist

  • Review Request Email Template

  • Submission Prep Checklist

  • Recommended Resources

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"Alyssa’s SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course was incredibly helpful. Writing my personal statement was the most stressful for me, however, Alyssa provided me with so many resources and tips. She made me feel at ease and much more confident in myself." - Zoie

"I feel that I got everything that I needed out of this course, I can't really think of much else that would have been helpful honestly! I think signing up for this course helped me to kick it into high gear! Thank you for everything, Alyssa!" - LA

"I LOVED the affirmations that you (Alyssa) told us. Helps me not stress too bad lol. Really liked the CSDCAS walkthrough because it was confusing at first glance."

"I really liked the power word list! I also like when you (Alyssa) discussed the format of a resume because I wasn't sure if I needed to change my font size for headers and if my choice of font was good."

"I LOVED the resume templates! They were very helpful."

"I'm honestly loving this course, the action steps are so helpful for me!"

100% of students have reported full satisfaction with this course, and nearly 80% of students rate the course as "more helpful than expected" in our post-course surveys!

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